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Adam Schulz


Adam Schulz

Head of Wealth Management

A highly experienced professional market participant across equity and commodity market asset classes, with finely tuned portfolio construction and risk management skills. Adam fuses today’s cutting edge trading technology  with traditional wealth management attributes consistently producing returns in line with clients’ portfolio asset mix and risk v reward ratios. 

When not glued to his screens, and obsessing about risk and monitoring market action Adam enjoys Italian cuisine and listening to 1970’s rock.


T: +1 347 5674 647


A Day in the life of our Head of Wealth Management

How did you find out about ASW

What made you decide to join our team?

I was basically head hunted by a leading financial services recruitment agency here in New York which is owned by the wife of a very close college friend.

To be perfectly frank with you, the remuneration package offered was excellent. Also, the opportunity to have full autonomy over Wealth Management strategies I found highly appealing. Finally, as my wife is from Hong Kong the job offered me the opportunity to work between New York and Hong Kong.

What do you like about working at ASW

It’s a fast paced, enthusiastic working environment with leading cutting edge technology. Plus my team of managers, quants, software engineers and traders are all experts in their respective fields.

We talk a lot about teamwork at ASW, where do you see this in your current role?

Its highly enjoyable sharing collective ideas, implementing combined knowledge and new strategies and employing that synergy to the advantage of both my company and our clients.

If you were to speak to a graduate considering ASW, what advice would you give them?

Sleep, eat and breathe these markets. Take nothing for granted and be prepared to learn something new every day. Also, forget about a social life throughout the working week, the world of wealth management never sleeps and its my job to make sure our team are always one step ahead of the herd.

Walk us through a typical day in your office

Firstly, morning team meeting at 7am to go over major market trends on the global markets, distribution, accumulation and volume trends etc. Monitor market action on the Edinburgh, Paris, and Frankfurt Markets. I then look for any global news stories that would affect any of our client holdings or suggest which direction would be a smart idea to move to. I will meet with clients of an afternoon or evening. A lot of my time is spent making sure everyone in my team has their goals in place at the beginning of the day and being there to offer support to make sure everyone hits the required goals before they leave the office at the end of the day.

What is your favorite thing about living in New York

On personal level, Broadway and playing chess in Central Park on a Sunday morning, then going to Barney Greengrass for the best cream cheese and smoked salmon bagels on the Upper Westside.

On a professional level knowing I'm pitting my wits, expertise, knowledge and foresight up against the best traders this side of the Atlantic.