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Career opportunities with ASW




Career opportunities with ASW

Do the ups and downs of the stock market excite you? Do you enjoy figuring out ways to grow money at minimum risk? Do you look forward to working with the smartest brains in the financial services industry? Are continuous learning and accelerated career growth integral parts of your dream job?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the above questions, a career at ASW might be just right for you. We believe in identifying people with potential, whom we then groom into financial services industry experts through a combination of online, classroom and on the job training.

You do not have to be a stock market expert to work with us. From programmers, to database management professionals to financial research analysts to business development executives, there’s a wide gamut of roles you can pick from at ASW .

Collaborative culture

With direction from the leadership at ASW, we support and encourage a collaborative and intellectual environment among our teams.

  • Weekly meetings are led by ASW with active participation by Traders, support, Compliance, and Investor Relations. Attendees share information regarding market flows, asset class movements, and upcoming events.

  • Idea sharing is enabled through the weekly meeting, smaller investment pod meetings, electronic chats, and regularly scheduled reviews with management and the Investment Committee.

  • ASW seeks to employ smart, talented and intellectually curious professionals. By nature, these individuals tend to thrive in ASW's culture.

  • Finally, ASW hosts regular team-building events both in and out of the office throughout the year which serve to maintain the team-like culture.