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Managed Programmes

Why ASW Managed Programmes

Here at ASW we live and breathe everything finance. Offering a full suite of investments we have spotted a gap in the retail market for professionally Managed Programmes. This simply allows one of our traders to trade your funded account as they enter and exit the market. ASW Managed Programmes have the full security of account segregation meaning our traders only have access to trade your funds, and always under strict risk control management set by either your trader or yourself.

The Managed Programmes have been created to allow retail market participants to enjoy the same level of results of professional money and to level the playing field. Not everyone has the time to follow and study the markets but our traders do have the time, knowledge and motivation to ensure they trade your account every day as if it were their own personal investment funds or savings account.

Stuck Trying To Earn Money Trading?

What went wrong

We know the feeling. You spend hours learning the 'best' strategies to trade.  You know all the basic concepts. Buy low, sell high. Set your stop losses. Follow the trend. We know it all.  

Then you carefully study a potential trade. The chart looks good, company news are positive and all the best analysts say it's a BUY.  

The time comes to place the order and you hesitate for a moment, making sure you followed everything you learned. Then, you finally click the buy button. It's done! There's nothing left to do but patiently wait and hope you made the right choice.  

I'm sorry to break it to you but statistically, you haven't.  According to myriad of studies, 95% of private retail traders are unprofitable.  That's a hard reality to accept. After all, you did everything you were supposed to do!

The reality is that being successful is a lot harder than it seems. It simply isn't as easy as following some basic trading advice and becoming a million dollar trader. The best traders, the ones who are able to consistently trade successfully, have invested heavily into their infrastructure and more importantly, their price and data feeds. In todays trading environment of Robot Signals, High Frequency Trading and Dark Pools, being able to see the order flow coming through the market is now key to achieving best price execution and optimum results. At ASW, we like to call this "Fast Pipes" and we have invested heavily to ensure our traders always achieve the best price when trading your Account.



Let us show you the capabilities of our traders and systems for 30 days so you can compare to your current portfolio managers



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Managed Programme benefits

Your own Live online account with your own ASW dedicated trader

Live Trading Notifications & Daily Market Calls

Trader Professional Indemnity insurance

1-5 Assets Traded (dependant on account level)

3% trailing stop-loss order applied on all trades


Fees % Trader commissions


Dependant on account level

Monthly Targeted

1% - 5%

Dependant on account level

Entry Levels

£5,000.00 - £500,000.00+

Dependant on account level

Trading Terms

120 days - 15 days

Dependant on account level

We listen when our clients talk to us and a common theme was finding a trustworthy and suitable fixed income product that could beat returns provided by high street banks. We are proud to deliver the ASW solution with our Managed Programmes all offering a fixed income dividend, payable on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual schedule.

Coin Trick


Providing real value to our clients with our Managed Programmes paying monthly dividends of between 1% and 5% dependant on your account level

Demo Managed Programme

Trial Managed Programme

Alpha Managed Programme

30 days free demo of the capabilities of our managed programmes

30 Day 100% Risk Free Trial

Fixed Income Dividend: 1%

Beta Managed Programme

Fixed Income Dividend: 2%

Delta Managed Programme

Fixed Income Dividend: 3%

Gamma Managed Programme

Fixed Income Dividend: 4%

Omega Managed Programme

Fixed Income Dividend: 5%