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Fixed income

Our fixed income team provides fast execution and pricing indications on every market, with in-depth knowledge of emerging markets and the Capital markets in particular. Investors benefit from our extended network of rigorously selected counterparties, which ensures secure trading, whatever the market.  The team can also provide market intelligence or and/or suggest a wide range of liquidity sources on request.

Foreign exchange and precious metals

ASW’s forex desk delivers liquidity, active order management and the latest technology for secure transactions.

We offer trading in precious metals and 24 freely convertible currencies, and our traders can provide prices on NDF contracts as well as OTC options on currencies and precious metals with maturities of up to one year.

Daily updates

On a daily basis we publish our Market call, informing all our clients what we believe will happen when various markets open for the day. This allows our clients to make informed decisions before the markets open. We have a high success rate and our daily market calls currently enjoy an accuracy rate of over 90%

Established quantitative process

Our ideas are underpinned by our established in-house quantitative process which captures significant market signals and provides short-term analysis to help fine-tune trading strategies.

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Trading Strategy


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