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Wealth structuring

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The years since the global financial crisis have seen radical changes in the legal, tax and financial environment worldwide. These changes require constant monitoring of wealth planning strategies to preserve and increase wealth.

ASW’s Wealth Planning services can help you assess your situation and review whether your planning is adequate to meet your objectives – for you, and for future generations. We offer a systematic approach to analysing your legal, fiscal and financial needs, and your options. If need be, we can work with our network of independent specialists to provide you with a complete solution that covers wealth structuring, taxes and legal support.

Our team of specialists and experts in Edinburgh, Hong Kong and New York offers a broad range of customised services.


Deciding on and implementing the appropriate structure to hold your wealth

After making a thorough analysis of your situation, we can help you choose and set up the appropriate structure to hold your assets. We have expertise in handling trusts, foundations, life assurance, investment funds and corporations.


Preparing for handing down wealth to the next generation

Passing on wealth to future generations can be a complex undertaking. Seeking independent advice can help provide clarity to the process. Our experience in advising clients on estate planning, have given us tremendous insight on how to successfully transfer a business, money and other types of assets to your heirs.

Staying ahead of tax and legal changes to ensure the best possible plan

Nowadays, tax and legal issues have become increasingly complex as members of a family might reside in different countries, have different citizenships or own real estate abroad. We constantly review international legislation such as double taxation treaties and private international law to stay ahead of changes and provide you with the best possible financing planning.


International relocation

Helping you ensure a smooth transition when moving abroad

Relocation is a recurrent topic amongst our clients, and our experts are here to discuss and analyse the impact of such changes, including potential legal and tax-related issues that might arise from moving abroad. Thanks to our international network, we can help you navigate through these changes in many jurisdictions.



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